Pet Supplies & Dog Food

Palmer Feed sells a variety of products to help you care for your pet. For dogs, we have a great selection of dog foods, including SportMix, Diamond brand, and Earthborn pet food for dogs and cats. We also sell dog collars and leashes, cages and kennels, shampoos, worm pills, vaccination shots, food supplements, bowls, treats, and toys.

Dog Food

*We sell many different varieties of grain-free dog food.

Sport Mix – 2 Varieties of Canine X: Chicken-based and Beef-based

Earthborn – 4 Varieties: Fish, Lamb, Chicken & Turkey, Bison

Taste of the Wild – 4 Varieties: Lamb, Bison & Venison, Smoked Salmon, Wetlands Fowl. Prey Non-GMO: Trout, Beef

Diamond Dog Food (and cat food)

Bully Performance (contains brown rice)

Dog Treats

Dog Treats (large)

Dog Treats (small)

Bully Sticks

Dog Bones

Pig Ears

Pig Hooves

Beef Knuckles

Animal Supplements and Treatments

DYNE Supplement

Broad Spectrum Dewormer capsules Dogs & Cats (generic)

Flea Control Pills for Dogs & Cats (generic)

Ashley’s Green Products (pet products)

Flea Control – sprays, shampoos, powders, dips.

Pet Supplies

Leather Collars, harnesses, leashes

Nylon collars and leashes

Tie out chains for dogs

Feeders & waterers

Pet Bowls

Chain Leashes & Snaps (Boss)

Cat Litter




Pet Shampoo

Flea Shampoos (Adams)

Mange Treatment (Nu-Stock)

Homeopathic treatments for skin conditions

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