Animal Supplies

Palmer Feed sells a variety of animal and pet food and supplies plus live farm animals, live bait and tackle. Animals that we keep in stock regularly include many varieties of baby chicks, baby ducks, rabbits, parakeets, and pigeons. Animals that we sell but do not always have available include laying hens, roosters, geese, large Peking ducks, goats, pigs, guineas, turkeys, pheasant, quail, lovebirds, and cockatiels.

Animal Feed

Potbellied pig feed

Chicken Feed

Turkey Feed

Peacock Feed

Rabbit food

Parrot Feed

Canary Feed

Finch Feed

Parakeet Feed

Pigeon Feed

Cockatiel Feed

Mixed Bird Seed: Parakeet, Pigeon, and all wild birds

Duck Feed

Lake Fish Feed

Koi Fish Feed

Live Farm Animals






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